Our curriculum is designed to teach kids based on their age, interest, ability, level of play and time commitment. In our teaching process we stay away from computer generated teachings, no computer puzzles and no video instructions.

We do support playing chess games against computers for practice, but we encourage students to play in real tournaments and analyze games with computers rather than play with them. We also support students playing chess on-line with each other. This is a great habit that brings chess to life for your child.

HCA Courses are designed for five levels:


Beginners – new to chess game (Approximate Duration – 16 sessions over two month)

Introduction to chess, origin of chess, basics of chess, rules of the game, piece movement, recording moves (algebraic notations), starting a game, different stages of game.


Intermediate Chess Players (Approximate Duration – 36 sessions over 4 months)

Development of pieces, two move planning, identify mistakes, expliot tactics, opening study etc.


Advanced Players (Level-1) (Approximate Duration – 40 sessions over 6 months)

Positional ideas, middle game combinations, end game studies, analyzing the games, chess engines etc.


Advanced Players (Level-2) (Approximate Duration – 40 sessions over 8 months)

Tournament preparation at high level, practical chess psychology, time management etc.


Advanced Players (Level-3) (Approximate Duration – 40 sessions over 10 months)

  • Each students will be accessed and allocated to respective batches
  • Engines, databases, ECO’s will be provided from Level-3 onwards
  • We evaluate individuals and attention will be given
  • Month wise progress report of individuals will be shared to parents
  • Tournament participation is mandate for real-time playing experience.