What We Do?

Hubli Chess Academy (R) promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art, sport and enjoyment, but also as a means for the improvement of one’s individual ability to excel in the game and reach heights. It informs, educates, and fosters the development of players (professional and amateur) and potential players.

It encourages the development of a network of organizations devoted to enhancing the growth of chess, from local clubs to state and regional associations, and we promotes chess in schools. Hubli Chess Academy (R) provides basic, intermediate and advanced chess lessons for everyone to learn the game of chess and a chess library where one can purchase tournament sets, boards, clocks, and guided chess books, software, and videos etc.

Hubli Chess Academy (R) is committed to using chess to improve thinking and problem-solving skills in children. Our priority is to increase a child’s interest in learning how to play chess by making the game more accessible in schools and in popular culture.

Chess can empower young people to think for themselves and respond creatively to the multitude of changes going on all around them.