Hubli Chess Academy (R) Is A Non-Profit Sports Organization Which Is Involved In Popularizing The Game Of Chess, Which Increases The Creativity And Academic Performance Of Small Children From Age Group Of 4 To 16 Years. We Have Excellent Team Of Chess Coaches And Try To Provide Latest Audi-Visual Aids To Facilitate Teaching Of Chess. We Have Excellent Imported Chess Equipments, Chess Training Softwares Etc.

We At Hubli Chess Academy (R) Consider It Our Sacred Mission To Spread Chess To All Nooks And Corners Of North Karnataka Districts, To Bring Happiness To Small Children, Their Shrill Cries Of Joy At Winning And Their Shrieks Of Despair At Losing, Is God’s Divine Orchestra !! Speedy Development Of Their Young Fertile & Creative Minds, To Bring Them Academic Spin Offs From Chess And Financial Spin Offs From Chess. Due To Our Desire To Promote Chess We Hold Chess Summer Camps, Advanced Training Sessions, Rural Programs In North Karnataka Districts Chess Exhibitions Etc. For The Last 20 Years We Did Selfless Services To The Chess Community By Donation Chess Sets And Chess Study Books For The Needy In Many Of The Rural Areas Of The Vicinity. We Also Conduct Free Chess Training Camps And Talent Search Chess Camps In Rural Areas Of North Karnataka, Identify Talents And Give Free Coaching. We Also Hold Free Training Chess Camps In Orphanages In North Karnataka For Underprivileged Children. We Also Donate Free Chess Boards & Chess Books To Them.

Appeal For Financial Assistance & Donations:

Dear Benefactor / Sponsor

All These Chess Activities Require A Lot Of Funds To Hold Chess Training & Talent Scout Chess Camp,G Ive Them Chess Boards, Digital Chess Clocks, Chess Books, Chess Informants To Impart Quality Chess Training, To Organise Chess Tournaments Etc. Cost A Lot Of Funds, We Are Struggling To Collect These Funds To Make These Kids Life Meaningful ! However Our Chess Activities Will Be Seamlessly Continue With These Funds. Any Amount You Donate Shall Contribute To Making A Childs Life Meaningful And Bring Happiness To Their Lives!!!

Your Donation Of Rs 1,00,000 (One Lakh) Means We Can Hold One Chess Training & Talent Scout Chess Camp In Rural Belt, Orphanages And 150 Children Can Benefit And Get Equipped.

“Remember, You Are Our Best Partner In Teaching Chess For Kids Who Are From Rural Background, Underprivileged And Orphans. Please Donate, Give Generously Now So We Can Train 500 Kids This Year” Give Them Chess Boards, Chess Books And Hold Chess Tournaments For Them.”

Please Contact :
Shripad Kv +91 98864 97747 / Kvsripad@Yahoo.Co.In
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Registered Under The Trusts Act Of Karnataka, 1960
Non-Profit Sports Academy.